Solis H26 Compact Tractor

Solis S 26 kompakt traktor
11 sausio, 2019
Solis S 50 Utility Tractor
11 sausio, 2019

H 26


This multi-functional performer is power packed with advanced tech features and over the top lifting capacity. Suitable for the toughest of terrains, SOLIS H 26 is designed to provide maximum comfort to the user. This tractor is equipped with high transmission potential and extra safety features, giving the user a seamless experience. SOLIS H 26 is ideal not only for mowing small patches of gardens; it yields power performance even in larger fields. The sleek and stylish friction-less aerodynamics bonnet gives the tractor an elegant look; a complement to the exceptional potential and comfort that it delivers.





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Engine: Mitsubishi 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine / S3L2-3E (water cooled)
Power: 19.1 kW / 26 HP
Displacement: 1318 cm³
Engine speed: 2700 RPM
Gearbox transmission: Hydro-static
Clutch: Single clutch with safety switch
Drive: 4WD shiftable
Speed: Max: 17 km/h / Min: 1.53 km/h
PTO speed: 540/1000 RPM
HK Hydraulik: Three-point CAT I, lifting capacity 600 kg,
1 DA control unit
Brake system: Wet brake (oil bath), handbrake
Towing capacity: 1600 kg
Electrical: Battery 12 V / 50 Ah / trailer socket 7-pin
Fuel tank capacity: 30 liters
Steering: Power steering
Turning radius: 2.3 m
Tires front: 6.00 × 12 tiller pattern
Rear tires: 8.30 × 20 tiller pattern
Mass: 1055 kg
Analog fuel gauge
Work lights can be swiveled at the rear
Clutch on the front
Drawbar at the rear
2 x front weights of 15 kg
Rollbar with beacon
Tires – Agricultural tires (radial)
– Turf tires
– Industrial tires
Cabin – Incl. heating
Rear hitch
Follower front linkage – Approx. 1,100 kg lifting capacity
– CAT 0 with coupling triangle or CAT 1 (with Walterscheid quick coupler)
– Two double-acting lifting cylinders
– Lower link with pendulum compensation, can be folded up and removed without tools
Follower front PTO – 1000 rpm
– New generation with wet multi-disc clutch (running in oil bath)- Integrated oil pump with own pressure oil supply
– Selectable direction of rotation
– Single lever control unit with hose set
Cochet front loader – No parallel guidance
– 250 kg lifting capacity (with standard bucket )
– Own intake
– Available attachments: bucket, manure fork, bale fork, grab bucket, 4 in 1 bucket
Solis front loader – Parallel guide
– 300 kg lifting capacity (with standard bucket )
– 3. Control circuit
– Own mounting
– Available attachment tools: bucket, rock bucket, grab bucket, 4 in 1 bucket
Wheelbase 1560 mm
Overall length 2622-2705 mm
Overall width 925-1405 mm
Height 2189-2030 mm (measured on the roll bar)
Ground clearance 200-250 mm
Track width in front 894-950 mm
Track width in the back 866-1005 mm
Lifting capacity 600 kg
Power steering
Illuminated dashboard
Adjustable, sprung seat with safety belt
Powerful but economical and quiet 3-cylinder diesel engine